Mysterious anecdote on the bust in Ueno Park

A sculptured bust of an old foreigner appeared in Ueno Park in 1973. It was the time when several years passed after I had begun to work in a certain company.
The bust had stern-looking face, with large and dense full-beard in contrast to its bald head. This man was said to be the father of Ueno Park.
At that time I used to commute from my resident through the Ueno Park to the Ueno Station on foot and then by Yamanote-Line to the office. The bust was located just midway to the Ueno Station and I would often glance at the bust on the way. However I was not interested in the background of the man.

In the mid-autumn in 2006 when I retired from the job, I was just about to pass by the bust on the way to my home. I realized in the evening twilight that the bust turned into different appearance. I stopped there for a while and then stared at its face. I found that its full-beard was neatly shaved and instead it wore tidy mustache and also that his bald head was covered with flowing hairs. Its face was totally changed for handsome looking with firm features.
Actually, the bust was replaced by a new one. I left for my home while being puzzled with this sudden change being happened.

A few days later, I got the clear explanation about the happening from my friend who had read the article on a newspaper about the sudden replacement of the bust. According to him, the sculptured bust was settled in commemoration of Dutch medical scientist, Dr. Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin who was a proponent of the first public park in Japan. However, by mistake the bust was casted based on the photograph of his younger brother, A. J. Bauduin who was staying as the first Dutch Consul in Kobe City.
The sender of the photograph seemed to mix up A.F. Bauduin with his younger brother. It is surprising indeed that the face of the bust had been mistaken for his younger brother for 33 years after its erection. It was corrected on October 6, 2006 by the replacement with right and new bust of A. F. Bauduin.
At last I understood why the mysterious thing had happened.

Holland keeping friendly relationship with Japan for about 400 years

A,F, Bauduin was invited to Japan from Holland as a professor of medical science by Tokugawa Shogunate in 1862. He had been staying in Japan for 8 years. He taught medical technology and knowledge to Japanese students and doctors in a training center in Nagasaki, a military hospital and a medical school in Osaka. He contributed to the spread of advanced European medical science in Japan.
During his stay in Japan the Meiji Restoration took place and the new government took over political power in place of Tokugawa Shogunate.
They were planning to establish a medical institute on Ueno Hill as one part of modernization.
When Dr. A.F. Bauduin inspected the site at the request of the government, he was so much impressed with the scenic beauty on the hill. So he strongly recommended the government to establish a public park instead of a medical institute at the site.
His vision was finally adopted by the government.
Thus the public park was firstly realized on the Ueno Hill in Japan.

A.J. Bauduin image

A.J. Bauduin

A.F. Bauduin image

A.F. Bauduin


Meanwhile, his younger brother A. J. Bauduin came to Japan as the representative of the Holland East India Company in 1859. He landed on De-Jima Island in current Nagasaki prefecture where Tokugawa Shogunate permitted the foreign trade with limited overseas countries. And later on he was appointed the Consul of Holland in Japan and stationed in Kobe city.

Tokugawa Shogunate had been keeping the isolation policy to overseas countries other than China and Holland for about 240 years from 1612 to 1852.
Even passing through the difficult time, Holland has been keeping their friendly relationship with Japan for about 400 years.
Bauduin brothers were staying during the transient period from Edo Era to Meiji. And they contributed to Japanese modernization.

The fate of two busts

Two sculptured busts were trifled with the mixing-up of photograph and their contributions to Japan had not been correctly understood for long time. However it finally set right 10 years ago.
Now the bust of A.F. Bauduin has been put up at the place near to the spray pond in Ueno Park while the bust of A.J. Bauduin at the location near to the port in Port Island Park in Kobe city.
They look restful after obtaining their permanent locations.

bust of Bauduin